So you've signed up for sourced and filled out a profile but are not quite sure what this place is or what you're supposed to do.

First: Our constant mission is to get more music-loving people to use the site. Every additional user makes the place more valuable to the music world.

With that in mind: we are very much a sandbox – sourced was built for creative and passionate people to use however best suits them. Here are just some of the things that are possible today:

Anyone can:
Additionally, artists can:
In the future, we will add tools that:
  • help the most valuable stuff bubble to the top (stuff includes Discussions, Artists, Music – anything and everything).
  • let you see who is the most legitimately influential in your area (maybe that’s you…)
  • let you chronicle your music life via actions on sourced
  • make going to live shows a lot more… interesting ;)
  • help artists raise and make money, without massive cuts from middlemen
The only limit on this lies within YOU.

Every additional voice makes this place more powerful. Whether you only stop by occasionally or make this your base of operations as a music professional, sourced’s power is not necessarily in its tools – it’s in the people who use the tools to create something special.

You’re part of something bigger here. The music industry is in a very disruptive state in the wake of the rise of the Internet, and the folks at sourced are intent on finding and championing those passionate enough to talk about and establish new and necessary ways to live in this world.