I was wondering if anyone would be willing to direct me towards some cool/fun promotional stories about bands. Like for instance, how Alien Ant Farm crashes the BET awards in the video for 'These Days' that I posted on another thread...


    This is probably one of sickest advertising campaigns I've ever seen, music or otherwise. It was for Jay-Z's biography.

    Also the only time I've ever been impressed with Bing :P I like it more for a study in gamification and ARGs though:

    Bing | Decode Jay-Z Case Study

    Then of course there's the "simple" method of making a music video that does more than just deliver a 4.5 minute short film of limited interest.

    Internet entertainment value points for the viral This Too Shall Pass - OK Go and the less-viral-but-still-pretty-sick Tuna Melt - A-Trak