Hey everyone,

My band will be releasing their CD within the next month or so and we are trying to get a solid number of Toronto shows under our belts for April weeknights, May and June. We've secured a show at Lee's Palace on May 29 (absolutely awesome sound) but we want to play a bunch of other venues.

Do any of you have suggestions as to what venues we should look into? Does anyone know anything about the Bovine Sex Club's sound? We're super loud and need a place with solid sound where people don't want to run for the hills.....


    Was just at the Horseshoe last night, vocals were crisp and clear, and the bands were pretty loud! We were on the edge of the dance floor near the east wall.

    Poor Young Things

    Christian Punk Band

    Has anyone ever seen any music at Betty's? I thought that was a pretty cool bar....curious how a loud ass band like mine would sound in there

    I was at Bovine last summer and saw a "loud band" and it didn't make me want to run haha. I think it's a solid venue for that type of music.

    I actually don't really know how to evaluate a venue's sound, beyond a pretty superficial "yeah it sounded sweet!"

    What are some specific criteria you look for? Are there things that a general fan can answer, or is this question better suited for performers? Armed with this knowledge I can shop this thread around to folks!