At the risk of being a little meta, I'm happy to say that sourced.fm officially has progress bars, the first of which shows the completion of progress bars!

sourced.fm believes that this site belongs to the community, and because we feel so strongly about that, we will be posting our new features ahead of release as progress bars that can be discussed and tracked. We want everyone here to help us shape this site into something that's truly helping music, especially musicians and fans.

We will be collecting all feedback, both from progress bar discussions and general chatter on the site, and that feedback will be a huge factor for how we develop and prioritize new features.

This openness works best with more discussion from more perspectives, so we hope you'll share these progress bars with others so we can hear the community loud and clear.

Since this progress bar is already 100%, perhaps this discussion can serve as a place to share any frustrations you have re: music and how you feel they could be eliminated if there were the right tools to help with them. We have a long list of features we'll be posting here and releasing over the coming months, but rather than throw them up all at once I thought this would be a good opportunity for people to just share and vent what they feel could be improved about music.


    Sorting for the "progress" tag just revealed a ton of these suckers… damn. So can anyone make one or just the admins?

    Ermehgerd the progress page looks sick with all these bars loaded in. I am itching to tell someone about this, can't wait for the post-Easter marketing plan to fire up. There's so much meat now.

    I just want to say that I am very happy that we have these bars. They will help keep us motivated, and hopefully keep the community motivated as well.