What's the point of having a music community with no music? We're working on redesigning our Soundcloud integration so musicians can share their music and music lovers can find it.


    What is the proper link to supply so that a playlist may appear? I tried submitting https://soundcloud.com/dead-animals/sets/live-objects as a playlist, but it didn't properly update.

    The browse music section is added, along with the Music page on artist profiles!

    This progress bar will stay at 75% for a while until we make it possible to share music with a Note or as a Discussion, but that'll take a bit more work. In the meantime, post your music and listen away! :)

    Pretty psyched about this. It'll round out the artists profiles (now that we have pictures) really nicely. At minimum, artists who stumble across this place will be able to set up shop properly, even if forums aren't their jam.

    Any sneak peeks re: design? :o