We've noticed some issues with the way we've made replies work. The reply will get dismissed and lose your message if you click off the modal, and the modal itself blocks the context of the conversation which can make it hard to form a proper reply. We're updating the replies to expand from the reply button rather than pop up. We're also going to update the replies to load on the page right when you post them rather than requiring a page refresh. Its weird not having that.


    This is at 100% but there are still reply modals... :o

    Happy to say that the improved reply experience is in place. There's still some bugs to deal with (expanding the textarea size messes things up a bit on the comments screen) so I'll be jumping on those ASAP to round it out.

    Also as of now notes officially support replying. A lot of people were mistaking the share button for a reply (we'll be updating that soon) so we added replying to notes as well to help clear that up a bit.

    Let us know what you think :)

    UX Suggestion: hitting reply should auto scroll the viewing pane to some sort of balance between "seeing the stuff you're replying to" and the reply box itself. Minimally, so the bottom of the reply "execute" button is in sight. Right now, if you happen to press the first reply button when its is near the bottom of your screen (more likely with modals but I know they're getting phased out) it can seem like nothing happened at all, unless you happen to scroll.

    As a starter to this piece of Progress, I've noticed that the way we have the Conversations set up caters to longer posts.

    Currently, there's no cut off (at least I haven't found one) for the vertical length of these convo boxes. Also, the way the ordering is set up, I believe the code makes it so the most recent is read from left to right (i.e. the upper leftmost conversation is in position ONE, regardless of how you're sorting).

    The code also tries to make the boxes fit as nicely as possible in a two column configuration. If there's a really long post, it gets a lot of real estate! (On mobile, you'll be scrolling for a while to get past it).

    So: Should we set a cut off limit? If yes, where?

    This will help the mobile experience, and balance the real estate given to a very long post that might not necessarily be a very "good" post. Admittedly, once we employ the ability to sort by quality (stay tuned) this may be redundant.

    Shout out to @nathanafi for tipping us off on the last bit re: lack of loading posts.