Show Review: Chromeo @ The Shrine Expo Hall


A funkadelic review of Chromeo at The Shrine Expo Hall by LA Music Blog.


    Funny thing....I was given the privelege to drive one of my biggest musical mentors, Henry Saiz, plus his two band members to Montreal from Toronto recently for their live show at Stereobar. They'd performed at Toika on the 10th and WOW what a show!! While in the car, Henry played a plethora of amazing music for us and just as we were approaching Montreal, an hour or so outside the city, he put on the new Chromeo album, White Women. I hadn't heard any Chromeo for a long time but this stuff instantly put me in an even better mood just for its pure cheekiness and fun lyrics. It was quite a switch up from the other stuff we'd been listening to but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as Henry was singing along to most of the songs. Faves on the album - Sexy Socialite, Frequent Flyer, and Over Your Shoulder. Feel good funk for the soul!

    Oh and for those who haven't heard of Henry Saiz -- he's from Madrid and is one of the all time greatest genius electronic producers off the Bedrock Label and NaturaSonoris. You can check out some of his stuff here: http://www.henrysaiz.com/ or https://soundcloud.com/henry-saiz

    @jordy @proggR @joepelow @alykatt09 @mirnar Next time he comes to Toronto, hopefully again with his band, you MUST come out to see him! I wish I'd suggested it this time, not sure why the heck I didn't!! His live show is absolutely incredible.