During indie week, I went to check out a small showcase on Thursday night at the Supermarket in Kensington Market. Most bands were decent at best, but then The Peptides strutted on stage and began to blow me away.

With a colourful, funky appearance and fearless presence, this soulful, uproarious group immediately grabbed the crowd’s attention and didn’t let go. With over the top outfits, synchronized dance numbers, and mid-song antics (I’ve never seen a band use prop phones to compliment a song about phone sex before), The PepTides are cartoonish in a good way. There’s no dance floor at the Supermarket, but The PepTides had at least a few people in the room wishing for one. Myself particularly.

If you want to check them out? You can. They're playing at 3030 Dundas West on Saturday October 25th. Their album artwork and website is like super intense eye candy too and I love just staring at it... Maybe you will too.