Oftentimes, I find myself almost desperately trying to convince my friends to come to every EDM festival and show that ever existed. They are so much fun and I feel like even though EDM isn't most people's thing, you'd be surprised at what an outrageous amount of fun the average person with just a mediocre interest in dance music can have at the right show. I have sold every. Single. Friend. That I have dragged to an EDM spectacle. They always leave completely sold on the awesomeness of the experience and always tell me to let them know when the next big one is coming. So here you go. The next big one is here.

The show to go to is coming up on Saturday November 1st at Arrow Hall in Toronto. Hardwell was voted the best DJ in the world in 2013 by DJ Mag (A pretty reputable source) and is going to rock the shit out of 10,000+ people in the venue. Tickets started at $100 but are now sitting at around $180... yes, ridiculously expensive. But kijiji, craigslist and stubhub are always sites where you can find a large amount of people trying to get rid of their tickets last minute. And with a concert being this big, there will be a decent amount of these people.

Life is for the living, and money will come and go. Go and experience the music that is currently shaking an entire generation of music lovers. This is a show that I GUARANTEE anyone can enjoy.

Wanna check out his music? Anything off Hardwell: Revealed 5

A cool video he filmed when he won Best DJ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXbWXMonA8M


    Hmmm @mirnar and I are seeing a Mounties show that night... but I trust that sick EDM shows are not all that uncommon in Toronto? Have you even been to a Bassnectar show (or would you be able to rate that on your EDM-sickness scale?) I enjoyed the show when I went last year, but I didn't get into the thick of all the craziness.