So I'm sure this is already on your list of things, but I thought I'd suggest anyway. Are you guys considering a "message" function? I wanted to post somewhere about how AWESOME all the different bunny pictures are for the vip bots are and didn't feel it was worthy of startin' a 'discussion' to just make that comment so I went to message jordy or joe but there was no way to. They are so good. I love all the side angles and slight peeking ones hahahahaha


    Ps, i'll say again. The color for this site is awesome and looks so good and sleek. And it's slow introductions of things like the crisp/hilarious bunny pictures that i feel are going to make people like the site on a subconscious level.....just think of how many girls go insane for cats. Maybs this site should exploit the BUNNY MARKET!! 8O

    Haha, yes, private messages will be built in eventually.

    And the bunnies are actually chinchillas, but I'm not fussed if people call them bunnies so long as people like them :)

    We came up with them on one of our all-night hackathons. Sleep deprived and goofy, we were talking about how many sites and brands have iconic and cute mascots. So, what would ours be?

    After some debate, we noticed that chinchillas have big ears (music, ears, get it?) and that no one else that we could tell was using them. So @joepelow worked his magic and designed the bot icons, subtly matching them to the bots' personalities.

    I have a feeling the little critters will be making themselves more and more present over time...