After going through and still being in the middle of all the annoying stuff that comes with trying to get your music discovered/just getting it OUT to the public and recorded and done with, this interview puts it in perspective. More or less, to me Dave's saying, just play music cuz you love it.... play live.

And if there's anything that's become crystal clear after the painfully long ass time it's taken my band to get this EP done, it's that the funnest part of this band has been jammin with my buddies at the rehearsal factory twice a week for the last four years... as opposed to desperately trying to get an EP out to a world that doesn't know we've already existed for 4 years lol

Check it. Dave Grohl Interview


    I also saw this video not too long ago. I LOVE Dave!!! He is my most favourite person in music because of stuff like this. What he's talking about here seems so simple and obvious, but nobody else ever says it. And it makes the most sense! That's from someone not being a musician that is. From a fan's stand point, this last year I have been in TO, I have started listening to more bands because I have seen them in a bar or open for another band, more often than because I have heard a song on a radio, etc. PREACH it Dave!!!

    Pretty straightforward stuff, yup.

    This is why, in my other life, I get frustrated when people get so hung up on things like logos or product names. So much money and time spent... when it doesn't matter. If you're shit's good, people will buy it.

    I use the movie Toy Story as an example. What a terrible title, if you think about it. Yet it's one of the most famous movies out there. Would you think "Love Movie" is gonna be a blockbuster hit? DOESN'T MATTER. If "Love Movie" is the most romantic film of the decade, it's set.

    To circle back into the world of music and Dave's point, here's a short list of bands that I first heard live, and have hyped the crap out them, bought albums, and saw (or plan to see) them again:

    • Cold War Kids
    • Lord Huron
    • July Talk
    • Kodaline
    • The Zolas
    • Delorentos

    Some are small, some are established. Doesn't. Matter. :)