I know this is quite off-topic, but thought we might have a video game discussion!

Anywayyy, heres a cool little setup I've been pretty addicted to. Im using dolphin emulator to emulate a wii, an xbox 360 controller, and im playing new super mario bros. Pretty cool!


    Hae been really into battlefield 4 recently, anyone wanna make a platoon together?

    Has anyone tried the wildstar beta? Looks like a pretty good game

    Dont know if anyone else has seen, but YouTube is to acquire twitch for $1 BILLION.... LOL

    If it wasn't for sourced, I very well may have gotten fully sucked into the gorgeous, incredible sandbox game of Starbound. It takes cues from Minecraft and employs a modern 8-bit style, with a crafting tree and tech complexities as infinite as the community and ambitious devs can imagine. Oh, and the universe and planets are all procedurally generated. Hnnnnggg...

    If anyone wanted to hold our team meetings via a SB server on the starship sourced which orbits our secret base that models what we'd like our eventual office to be... I wouldn't say no...


    Ugh, I keep meaning to setup a cheap computer as an emulator station plugged into my TV and haven't yet. It'd be great to spin up some old games.

    If there's enough people on the site interested in video games after its grown more we should setup a sourced.fm LAN party. Its been years since I've been to a LAN party lol.

    If anyone plays league, add me up! IGN: Meeohh

    Nothing's off topic unless you mis-tag it!

    I haven't gamed in so long, although the other day I did put in a few hours of COD:Ghosts (it was like riding a bike). FPS has always been my jam, from Return to Castle Wolfenstein up through to the Halos and whatnot.

    That said, I've had my one-off love affairs with racing (Diddy Kong Racing mainly), puzzlers (The Incredible Machine, Banjo Kazooie), RPG (ES3: Morrowind)... so many more.