Most of the time I tend to ignore Rdio's suggestions and just find my own music once an album has finished but today I'm glad I listened to the robots at Rdio because they introduced me to an incredible duo called Hella. I listened to Better Get a Broom as per Rdio's suggestion and have been sitting here enjoying the rest of the album. If you like fast, trebly, melodic riffs, and faster drums with lots of splashing hi hats, the next ~30 minutes of your life are right here.

+1 Rdio AutoPlay today.


    Rdio reco bots did something awesome for me the other day too... I think it was Black Violin that they pointed me towards. It wasn't the autoplay post-album (that thing annoys me greatly for some reason), but rather the 'Recommended' section, which tells you what and why they made their recos.

    Based on these dudes (sick find), you might wanna dip into Toe - their sound (at least on this album) is much less frenetic but the drum work is enchanting.