Hi! Thank you for reading this. Whether you’re here because you’re genuinely curious about helping or you were begged/bribed/tricked/coerced/dragged here by one of our supporters, I truly appreciate it.

Of course, the number one thing that helps us right now is if you sign up.

If you’ve already done that, (or don’t really want to – insert puppy eyes), I’ve organized many different alternative ways you can help us out into tiers based on just how much damn effort is required :)

Level 1: “Just show me like, one thing to click and leave me alone already.”

Fair enough. Here’s a list of simple things that add up in the long run and are practically effort free:

Level 2: “I’ve got some time to poke around and see what I can do to help.”

Beautiful! All the Level 1 stuff is still totally legit, but in addition:

  • Definitely sign up, and let us know if it was easy, frustrating, “meh,” or whatever.
  • Opt-in to weekly email site updates (found in your settings) – these will only be sent to you based on if any new information related to you happened in the past week. Also it will remind you that we exist n stuff.
  • Drop a few opinions and thoughts into some Discussions – making comments versus just skimming makes a world of difference to the community. You never know what kind of serendipity might spin up.
  • Or, make your own Discussion. Doesn’t need to be fancy, or long, or even about music.
Level 3: “This kind of seems like something I’d like to be a part of. Like, for reals.”

Amazing. At this point hopefully you’re convinced about the signing up part. So apart from all the Level 2 stuff…

  • Have a gander at the Welcome Thread.. There’s a much more in-depth list of things that users might want to check out in order to actually use sourced for their own benefit, as well as helping us out.
  • Be sure to Introduce yourself!
  • Reach out to one of the founders (@jordy, @proggr, @joepelow) and let us know what ideas you might have – chances are we have something cooking behind the scenes that you can start to get involved in. Send us private message (coming very soon)!
  • If you’re someone who has online forum experience and are interested in eventually helping moderate and administrate this site, then definitely do the reach-out thing.
  • Find, share and promote the crap out of your special Vanguard Link (look for it here).
Level 4: “Let’s talk about seriously working together: I help you, you help me, that sort of thing!”

Whoah! That’s what we like to hear!

  • We’ve put together some documentation on how we work to support both artists and artist managers. It will be publicly available quite soon, but for now please send us a message to discuss.
  • If you’re not one of the above, there are several other initiatives that we have in mind.
  • And if you live in Toronto, let’s grab a beer and chat.

    Hey @jordy I tried to opt in to the weekly email site updates but it says 'missing page' - is it still in the works?