We hate spam as much as you, but we also think that there may be some things you want to know about from sourced.fm so we're adding a daily email digest. Emails are opt-in you'll be able to select to receive the following updates as part of your daily digest:

  • new follower updates
  • new mentions updates
  • new discussion subscription updates
  • a summary of local activity

We hope to do some special things with that local summary down the road so we hope that you'll checkout at least that one to stay updated on people in your city joining and sharing.


    I saw the emails this morning! They look pretty snazzy :)

    The emails are coming along nicely. Working on updating the other emails to share a similar template and they should be ready to go!

    The local summary really will become the best section over time, especially as we roll out future features that add more content there.