It doesn't seem like too many discussions, are going on.

I joined when this site was in its infancy, a lot of stuff did not work, but now it's quite the finely polished website.

I just feel membership should be higher then it currently is with all considering, with that new pages of discussions everyday.

Share your thoughts :)



    I totally agree, when i first joined i thought the site looked amazing and that it was a great idea and alternative for bands and communities who love music, after staying an active member a little while the site started to stagnate so i felt less inclined to return and got caught up in stuff. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE ON HERE! THIS IS A GREAT SITE! IT JUST NEEDS SOME MORE ACTIVE MEMBERS! :D

    Hey @thomas, thanks for bringing this up. We were hoping membership would be quite a bit higher by now too, but as a side project with a small team its moved along a little slower than we hoped and has been mostly non-active for a couple months now while we took a break. That said, I just pushed a few code changes to scrap the homepage and clean up some weirdness and I'll be jumping back in again more this week so your timing is excellent :)

    We're still figuring out some things but the goal is to transition to a non-profit who's mission is focused on emerging artist development. As part of that we're changing how we operate a bit. We'll be looking to find volunteer mods who can cover different regions to make sure that we're doing our job of connecting local music communities, and who can bounce ideas off us to help shape the site based on the needs in their areas.

    I'm also hoping to start doing regular meetups on Skype or Google Hangouts or whatever would work for the most members to chat together during a planned session (any suggestions on a service?). It may take a bit to get any interest in it, but I think it would be a good way to get to know each other better and talk about music together live occasionally. We could also use them to discuss the direction of the site if there's any sort of changes. Open invitation if you know anyone who might want to ramble about music with strangers too lol

    So that's kind of where we're at. There's a bit of a chicken or the egg conundrum starting a community like this unfortunately, but we're still hopeful that we'll crack it. Do you have any thoughts on how you'd approach improving membership and activity? Is a regular Google Hangouts type thing something you'd be interested in/could see helping if it gained traction? Gaining traction is kind of the problem in general so any thoughts you have on overcoming that would be a huge help. Thanks again :)

    I definitely agree that a larger community would benefit the site a lot. More people would mean a broader range of interests, talents, and thoughts. Just need to figure out how to draw more people in :)

    @Ozone @thomas Thanks for the support guys! We're still alive, but took the holidays to recalibrate and re-plan a few things. Fear not!