Iggy Pop did this year's John Peel Lecture and he hit the nail on the head so many times throughout. Of course, who would know more about getting fucked by the industry than Iggy Pop.

Some choice quotes that stood out:

"A good LP is a being, it is not a product. It has a life force, a personality, and a history just like you and me. It can be your friend. Try explaining that to a weasel."

"Music had became an industrial art, and it was the people who excelled at the industry who got to make the art."

"Traditional music was never a for profit enterprise. All the best forms were developed as your job in the community."

"The best way to survive the death or change of an industry is to transcend its form. You're better off with an identity of your own."

If you want a crash course on the way the industry works, that video is pretty enlightening. Do any other quotes ring true for you?