@Ozone pointed out that multimedia support would be a nice addition. We have support planned and will be doing it in a way that copies how existing things work. Any feedback or additional player suggestions would be much appreciated.

The Plan

We'll be adding support for embedding Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud players into discussion posts, comments, notes, and in messages. The way you'll embed the content is by using the normal image syntax with a link to the content you're sharing instead of an image. That will look something like ! [Title/Short Description] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP9xMobANJM), but without the spaces (it would get processed as an image if I didn't add them).

Supported Services

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud

Hopefully Someday Supported

  • Bandcamp (its a little trickier to suck them in using the normal links from their site)

Any feedback would be appreciated :)


    just testing it out.

    (update: totally works, i love it, once there is bandcamp integration you'll have all your media baseds covered :) question thoe, is there a simpler quick code for posting photos in the same manner, that could be useful too)

    Update 2

    And here we are again with that actual player and the embeds working live :).

    I've left the progress bar slightly unfinished in case any bugs emerge. Let me know if you spot any. I still need to add the syntax to the format box but I'll try to do that tomorrow. For now those in the know can just copy the image syntax if you need a refresher.


    Turns out there was enough spare code lying around in the codebase to make rolling this out pretty easy. I've got the hardest parts done now so after a bit more testing it should be done :).

    Here's a screengrab from my computer of a player playing Exclaim! TV's Session with The OBGMs, including the syntax for embedding video.