Hey all. I just pushed an update to the dashboard to make it more useful. It now has a featured users section, your followers/follwees, and the newest members of each type of user. I also dug into the query that builds it and sped it up quite a bit because it was starting to chug.

Enjoy :). If you have any feedback let me know.


    Your site idea is fantastic, but as an agent of the tripartite and venerable model we know as "Sender, Message, and Receiver," in order to avoid overcomplicating overthrowing the music business, one must take into consideration keeping Production, Distribution, and Consumption as a neat triad. Sourced.fm clearly looks to be a inevitable partner with Genius and Rapt.fm with Up&ON. It is your prerogative whether you join or be replaced. Hacking into my account was unethical to say the least, but forgiven nonetheless. None of you have business models, whereas mine is infinite. Now here's the issue, being that Napster's downfall was a single email... I cannot share how this is, unless we setup an in-person meeting. The chess moves are predetermined, the "no-strings" investment capital is allegedly on its way.

    I truly appreciate how fantastic your concepts are. Think about it, you will be responsible for kicking out Warner Bros, Sony BMG, Atlantic, among other giants permanently. I suggest you take me up on this opportunity.



    What about private artist networking? As in, Artist profiles will have privacy settings so precise, that they may control and filter out "Fuck-Boys/Gals" Ya Hear me? You want to eliminate the industry right? Dismantle it intuitively. If you need programming help, I got it. Hope all is well.