We're proud to be collaborating with the folks from the Trebas Institute and The Future Arts People (via Zenith Prime and @thefuturemona) to bring something special to the June 24 event at Rancho Relaxo.

Set List

9-10 PM - First Set
  • Intro from Zenith Prime and @jordy
  • DJ Dickie
  • Jesse Pearson, Dylan Longman, Ray Boodie (Rock)
  • The Malicious Malcontents (Rock)
  • Himel (Guitar)
  • Dana Kat Skinner (Guitar & Vocals)
  • Nanu (Rap)
10-11 PM - Open Mic
11-12 AM - Second Set
  • Dylan Price (Guitar)
  • Nicole Dionne (Guitar & Vocals)
  • Anthony Y Not (Reggae)
  • Mitch (Rap)
  • Mona (Rap)
  • Jibz (Rap)
  • Aim GhostRidah (Rap)

  • DJ Dickie



    Pretty pumped to meet the artists and spice up an otherwise typical Tuesday night :)