Know of a show thats not planned in NXNE? Share it here! Open to all/any type of shows that are going on during NXNE.

P.s: If you have information on a show thats unofficial, please try and give as much supporting info/proof/links as possible, for convenience!

Ill start it off!

The painted lady in Toronto is hosting a night called fuNXNE music festival. Its a one night only event and it'll be on June 18th. If you wanna find more information on them check it out here


    I won a pair of tickets to Hidden Pony Records 5th Anniversary Party at the Horseshoe Tavern, but I can't go anymore (working :( ). It's from noon to 5pm tomorrow (Friday June 20th). If anyone wants to take these off my hands, let me know!

    On saturday night, Madeon is playing at the guvernment. I've heard he's really catchy and is similar to Zedd. If this is true, I will be there. As the guv is in its official closing stages (jan 2015), chu should consider checkin it out! Here's the event... http://theguvernment.com/madeon/

    Go help kick off WORLD PRIDE at lee's palace at this unlisted event. Bands: Inequality's a drag, ft. Maylee Todd and Light Fires. https://www.facebook.com/events/461894123946387/?ref=22

    I got invited to a Music Series that is running somewhat concurrently around Toronto during NXNE. The shows are $10 each at Cherry Cola's and the Velvet Underground. I'll be at a few shows checking out friends' bands, and here is the event link for more info. https://www.facebook.com/events/236334466562887/?notif_t=plan_user_invited

    Not part of NXNE but ZOMBOY is playing this friday at the pheonix. It is DIRT cheap and he is considered by many UKers to be the UK skrillex. If you wanna lose your mind, come go crazy with me. I'll see you there 8) Check it. http://www.edmcanada.com/toronto-calendar/2014/3/19/friday-june-20th-zomboy-more-phoenix-concert-theatre

    Searching NXNE on Eventbrite is a good general strategy for finding some shows that may not have made it to the official site.

    Industry Only | Hali Jams 2 @ The Cavern Bar | Friday, June 20

    Invite only + RSVP, so if you know a guy who knows a guy, ... might wanna ask that guy?

    9:30 - Beach Day

    10:30 - Elizabeth

    11:30 - Aircraft

    12:30 - A Sol Mechanic

    More info (the Eventbrite link on this site seems to be broken)