Hmm. I'd already planned on looking into Bandcamp players, but perhaps this gives reason to bump that up the list a bit more.

It seems Soundcloud has been making some changes lately, most notably some pundits think they're looking to monetize or sell, and they've apparently given Universal the ability to directly ban content without accountability.

I've seen mass content removals come through Soundcloud before, and they certainly have an awful copyright process in place now. If majors are being brought directly into the fold the way the article describes, especially with no accountability, that's a bad thing. The worst part is that the person reaching out apparently had their account banned for being flagged three times, and they get no refund for their subscription. That's a pretty low bar to hit given the way their copyright system works. But it could be a cherrypicked example and bad reporting, I'm not sure.

HackerNews had some decent discussion going on about it as well. This essentially sums up my general feelings about their process, both current and these new Universal revelations:


The part that really gets me is that Universal isn't even trying to help people "do the right thing". In the email from Greg Morris he states:

"The problem I'm having is the ambiguity of the feedback. For example, on the first strike you just said "Universal Music" said I used one of their tunes. The set started with an Ellie Golding song which I thought was the problem. So I removed that and re-uploaded. It was then taken down again. You're not even telling me which songs are infringing."

That is infuriating. He is trying to oblige to the request to remove a copyrighted song, but Universal isn't even telling him how he is in violation.


Thoughts on Soundcloud? Or any recommendation of Soundcloud alternatives?