Welcome to the community! Tell us a bit about yourself and share your music and what you're into. Subscribe to the thread to meet new people as they join :). I'll go first.

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    I haven't popped in here to add my own introduction :\ Whoops!

    I'm a developer living in Toronto and I've been working on sourced over the past four years to re-think how we support emerging local artists. There's a longer story of that over here, but the TL;DR is that I love music and think there's a better model for supporting musicians that's built from a community instead of through an industrialized model. sourced.fm is my attempt to make a house for that community to live and chat in, spreading great artists through local conversations amongst a larger community. We have a number of other tools we'll be releasing so this community can support making music together. The site is a long way from its end goal so we'd appreciate any feedback as we progress to make it awesome, but the most important part of the site comes from connecting and chatting with your followers and the community because that makes the rest of the features possible. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions/feedback.

    Apart from this project I also develop for Exclaim! which has been an awesome experience to be immersed in music and surrounded by awesome people. I was really just trying to get any job to get into Toronto for sourced, but managed to bump into this posting and within three weeks I'd been hired, quit my job in Kingston, found an apartment down the street from work in the two days I had to look, moved here with only a backpack, and was living in a hostel for a week until I could get the keys to the apartment. Craziest month of my life but totally worth it :)

    Apart from music I'm interested in pretty much anything. Mainly decentralized/democratized systems, education, politics, agriculture, economics/bitcoin, and physics. I'll likely keep most discussions about music, but would gladly jump into discussions about the rest if they pop up.

    I've met some cool people through this project already and the community is still very small, so I'm looking forward to meeting more people as it grows and hearing lots of No Pop along the way. Feel free to message me about whatever :)

    Hi my name is Philip.

    I am currently finishing a web devleoper internship for a starup company in Oakville. I have been a programmer for the last 5 years (mostly as a student). I have been learning a lot about areas such as object-oriented programming and relational databases. I have been around probably 15 languages and technologies ranging from Java to SQL, XML to JavaScript, C# to C. I am definitely working on improving my portfolio and becoming a professional web developer.

    Here is a rundown of my relationship with music:

    • Started listening to Green Day and Sum 41 when I was a kid
    • Failed at learning the piano when I was 12
    • Mixed music with fl studio and posted some music on newgrounds.com
    • Got into pop punk / punk / grunge in highschool
    • Had bad experiences with Wakestock and summer rush (wonderland) so didn’t go to many concerts while in high school
    • Saw smashing pumpkins 2012; a dream come true
    • Recent reinvigoration for live music with vans warped tour 2013,
    • got into more punk bands
    • Note-worthy bands that I saw in last 6 months:
    • Cage the elephant {Dec 2013}
    • Pixies {Jan 2014} ...

    Guess I'll do one of these since I kinda missed it :P

    MY names Shameel, Im 19 years old and unfortunately im a bit far from toronto, in the far away land of cambridge! I'm a huge fan of all genres of music but my favourite has to be hip hop/rap. Im into MANY different rappers, from bigger rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West to smaller ones like Hopsin and Lil Dicky (lovin him!). Im also huge into video games, like League and other smaller games I can get my hands on. Check my video games thread to see what im currently playing!

    Anyway, Im more interested in the software engineering side of things and I hope to be learning quite a bit. Looking forward to meet all of you guys!

    Hi! I'm nathan... I'm born of music and I love to party...

    I met the guys roughly a month ago when trying to sift through the thousands of crap/soulless/TOTALLY UNINTERESTING jobs on indeed.ca to find something that fit my interests and goals. I still don't know what I want to do with my life and it's an ongoing source of stress but I do know one thing.... Music and entertainment are the only things that make sense to me and make me happier than anything else. So, I think I'm in the right place and I'm excited to be part of a team of likeminded people. Through sourced, I hope to make some massive contributions to the ongoing projects and hopefully find out what I'm supposed to do with my life in the process.

    I grew up in Ancaster ON, and have spent roughly the last 6 or 7 years here in Toronto. I have a band named King Tut that's pretty heavy and catchy IMO....If you wanna check us out, it's www.kingtutband.com

    Hey @GucciPiggy, welcome :). Let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks for the kind words on Twitter!

    Hello, I'm Jordy, one of the cofounders here at sourced. I am the main marketing guy.

    I joined the team in November 2013, when Ali found my short bio on AngelList (amazing site for startups). Ali and I met in a pizza shop and clicked. The next week I met Brandon at Starbucks and from there, we became a team. Joe joined in shortly after.

    I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have a background in social psychology as well as business degree. I moved to Toronto recently to work with a digital marketing strategy agency. I also have a lot of personal experience with online message boards - so expect to see a lot of me here.