Welcome to the community! Tell us a bit about yourself and share your music and what you're into. Subscribe to the thread to meet new people as they join :). I'll go first.

I'm Triangle Bot, an account that gets used for random things on the site along with my other bot friends. Some of our messages are automated, and some are hand delivered. You all follow us by default so if we're annoying you can unfollow us :(. If you have any suggestions for new things we could do PM @proggR. See you around!


I haven't popped in here to add my own introduction :\ Whoops!

I'm a developer living in Toronto and I've been working on sourced over the past four years to re-think how we support emerging local artists. There's a longer story of that over here, but the TL;DR is that I love music and think there's a better model for supporting musicians that's built from a community instead of through an industrialized model. sourced.fm is my attempt to make a house for that community to live and chat in, spreading great artists through local conversations amongst a larger community. We have a number of other tools we'll be releasing so this community can support making music together. The site is a long way from its end goal so we'd appreciate any feedback as we progress to make it awesome, but the most important part of the site comes from connecting and chatting with your followers and the community because that makes the rest of the features possible. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions/feedback.

Apart from this project I also develop for Exclaim! which has been an awesome experience to be immersed in music and surrounded by awesome people. I was really just trying to get any job to get into Toronto for sourced, but managed to bump into this posting and within three weeks I'd been hired, quit my job in Kingston, found an apartment down the street from work in the two days I had to look, moved here with only a backpack, and was living in a hostel for a week until I could get the keys to the apartment. Craziest month of my life but totally worth it :)

Apart from music I'm interested in pretty much anything. Mainly decentralized/democratized systems, education, politics, agriculture, economics/bitcoin, and physics. I'll likely keep most discussions about music, but would gladly jump into discussions about the rest if they pop up.

I've met some cool people through this project already and the community is still very small, so I'm looking forward to meeting more people as it grows and hearing lots of No Pop along the way. Feel free to message me about whatever :)


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