hey guys i just wanted to drop this link from the show the other night, if you guys were interested in checking us out.


live video starts at 4:11


    WOW THANKS YOU GUYS! i've been having trouble logging into Sourced and when i finally do i see this! thank you guys so much for the positive feedback!

    That was awesome man :).

    "Everybody is there in the moment, and that's what a concert's about I feel like, like escapism in a way, just everbody is there in the moment, enjoying it, being friendly and having fun"

    I dig that :). I should dust off a thing I wrote when I moved to Toronto to launch sourced.fm from here and was living in a hostel for a bit. There was a moment when I was watching a duo perform at the back of the hostel and that exact same sentiment hit me like a ton of bricks when people started to sing along with them.

    Killer performance!

    Loved the performance guys! 4:44 was awesome, that "ooh" drop was prolly my favourite :P

    Great job! I loved the energy up on stage :)

    solid energy dudes! :) what venue is that? it looks pretty sick!

    The sound is really good and I like the tune! And your intro is pretty great too haha. I tried checking out your Facebook page from the link you set up, but it says page not found.

    Amazing job! Loved the drums