so i'll most likely launch my IGG fundraiser later today, any advice that might help me get more eyes on it and get more money raised in the 60 day limit?


    Damn, that was fast, haha!

    Without knowing your specific situation it's tough to give pointed advice, but here are some general tidbits:

    • Probably the most important thing for convincing strangers (and even friends/family) to part with any money is your story. This is why it's usually recommended to use a video of some sort since they can be extraordinarily good ways to tell a story.
    • On videos: bad videos can hurt you. I've seen crowdfunding work with subpar videos, so you don't have to necessarily have a fully produced video (but they can be worth it), you just have to make sure any video you use isn't working against you.
    • In the same vein as the video, whatever words/pictures you use to tell the story and fill in the fields are crucial. If you cannot evoke any emotion with the words, pictures, or video then the money will stay out of reach (this is true for almost all commerce, actually). More emotion generally = more action. Absolutely easier said than done.
    • Set a very realistic goal as a target, unless you're very confident in the awesomeness of the story.
    • IGG allowing you to keep what you raise is a good AND bad thing. It's good for you, but it means there's more risk on the giver's end. If you have to hit your goal, it creates a both a literal and psychological safety net for your donors: Real in the sense that they don't get charged if you fail, and psychological in that you meeting the goal means enough other people thought it was a good idea, so all donors are more likely to be happy with their decision, less likely to renege, probably more likely to actually chip in.
    • Similar with rewards: do not bite off more than you can chew. Keep them simple if your goals are simple. It can be easy to get bogged down in administrative crap. People are forgiving up to a point, but your reputation is on the line with the fulfillment aspect of rewards.