Hello, I found this site from posting a short cover on instagram and the ig page of Sourced.fm liked it. I hope this blows up because I love the concept. I am an artist from Wisconsin and I'd love to meet some new people. here is a cover I did of Flume by Bon Iver https://soundcloud.com/eddiflores/flume-by-bon-iver-cover


    One of the most chill songs made even chiller. I like it very much

    Classic song. Great cover!

    Wow! Terrific cover of one of my favourite songs. Thanks for posting it!

    I definitely do like chill music - got this on now, and my foot is tapping: a good sign haha. I like the echo-ey quality* of the track and how it skirts into the realm of aggressiveness without actually spending a ton of time in it. What sort of people are you looking to meet? We'll do what we can to help :)

    Also thank you for the kind words about the site and telling us how you found it. That sort of stuff is invaluable to us.

    *we are actively working on a project to help improve the musical vocabulary for folks like myself, heh.

    It's pretty cool that the word about what's happening here is getting out there. Thanks for sharing!

    I like chill music! I'll check out the rest of your stuff on SoundCloud. Welcome to Sourced!