As someone who loves or makes music, you know it’s so much more than just the sounds that fly out of mouths and instruments. The live performance alone is tiered with complexities: stage presence, lighting, the tone and hooks, the vibe of the crowd…

The process and purpose of making and sharing music is a deep human journey – whether or not one can fully articulate it.

So why do the vast majority of media platforms out there simply hock the sounds (and occasionally the visuals)? “Check this song out” or, “discover new music.”

And you’re guilty of it too. How often do we just offer up a link or toss out “yeah check out our stuff…”?

I don’t know if this will work, but try it with me anyway. Instead of “check out this awesome new track,” assertively claim what kind of situation the track is for.


I call this “Reverse Songza” since that good ol’ app gets you to pick the situation, then suggests tracks (and they have done quite well with that approach!)


I’m going to be much more interested in what you do as a musician if you’ve demonstrated that you know what you’re doing yourself and how it could possibly tie to me. It doesn’t need to be complicated or deeply introspective. Just you knowing that your music is “for rainy Sundays” could be enough. This is an innate quality of human interaction that pervades all aspects of life, I believe.