I had posted a cover of Flume by Bon Iver that people seemed to enjoy. I just released a song that will be on my EP I'm working on. I would love feedback and especially more listeners. https://soundcloud.com/eddiflores/thread

With hope, -Eddi


    Wow. I'm stoked for the EP, that song is great. I love how it gradually swells and fades toward the end, and the layering works really well there. It seems really well produced. Did you record it in a studio?

    We'd love to have any of your songs on our Music section to listen to here if you wanted to add your Soundcloud player. You can drop a soundcloud link in the player field in Settings. We're hoping to add Bandcamp player support soon too.

    Very lovely. For your description I might say something like:

    Thread's melody burns softly, evenly, and sweetly throughout. The song feels like a resigned and unresolved homesickness; but with a strong hint that we haven't given up just yet.

    Keep 'em coming :D