I think this is an interesting thought. In Jack White's opinion, maybe some musicians are forgetting that you have to work REALLY hard to be a great musician.


    solid interview....i'm gonna go watch the whole thing now

    i agree with a lot of his statements but particularly the fact that you have to be a hustler all the time and sell yourself all the time now... it's kind of crappy in some ways but awesome in others....unfortunately now, you have to really pour every single cell of creativity you have into this mass of branding yourself from t-shirts, to album covers, to site design and artwork, to design and constant operation of at least 4-5 different social media sites, etc etc etc etc......if you want to make it now, it seems like you need to be ready to be advertising yourself in one of tens of different ways at every second of every day.

    My band has been going for four and a half years and have already reached our breaking point recently... We love our music, but we just don't have it in us to be this way.... We kind of live in a state of false hope for something that would have been more common or at least believable to happen like it would have in the 60's or 70's, where someone would come along, hear your music, and throw a ton of money and production help at you.

    But it's not that way....you need to know everything and do everything, and after all your efforts, people still may not give a shit. I just read an article in exclaim the other morning about DFA (ps, their new album is AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZZING) where they state,

    "You have to tell the world, you are The. Best. Band. You will not survive otherwise."

    And it's through constantly pushing yourself to keep going in every way possible: shows, production, practicing, branding yourself, social media, reaching out to tons of different people who can spread word or further your career in some way (agents, producers, sound guys, fans, publicists), etc etc etc.

    In the end, you just have to know what you wanna do it for. Love or love/career. It's a long road and it's exhausting.

    I agree for the most part. I do question just how easy it was back in the 60s to be a musician like he said though. Yes it was a radically changing time period which helped if you played to those memes, but I think the musicians that became successful in that era would have been hustling just as much as musicians today do, just hustling differently, and competing with less noise. I agree that today especially its all about the hustle though, and the "microwave" generation does tend to expect instant results so a lot of people won't hustle the right way to overcome the noise, but I think the 60s while easier in some ways would have also been a lot harder in others so that point stood out as perhaps being out of place.

    Good find :)