Ever so fortunate am I that in less than a year of moving to Toronto to pursue my musical passion, I’ve earned a residency at the beautiful Parlour Lounge. I’ll be using this thread to discuss ideas, struggles, & successes with promotion of the night so that others can learn from or contribute to this adventure!

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Every Thursday evening, in the luxurious & cozy confines of 270 Adelaide West, I’ll be privileged to take you on an epic 6-hr journey beginning with a chill, ambient, down-tempo vibe slowly building on smooth, organic grooves & progressing towards deep, funked-up, super sexAfied b-beats – guaranteed to have you feeling... moving... and hopefully - wanting more!

So come on out & share a ½ priced cocktail (or 3) & help make the night a memorable one!

Any & all feedback, promotion ideas, stories, or questions: please post below!

x b.


    Challenge overview

    Here's a quick summary of the situation for consideration. @juStb let me know if I missed anything or if you have more depth to add to the music pieces.

    • Venue has very successful Friday & Saturday nights with DJ sets
    • Thursday evening more of an off-night, looking to build it as its own special occasion
    • Wine/cocktails are 1/2 price during most of the evening as an incentive
    • Additional incentives can be brainstormed. Free booze = no. Budget is limited so things like 'venue credit' or discounts is closer to the mark
    • Venue is located near high foot traffic area of city
    • The clientele is typically more high class (age ranges); venue is not necessarily situated in the neighbourhood where these folks go
    • Broadly, clientele is from the fashion crowd or white collar crowd
    • Venue has a kitchen but emphasis on food is not the main play


    • Music starts at 8pm, goes 'til 2am.
    • Tempo/intensity builds over time.
    • Volume can't get nuts or seep out onto the street, since the property above is residential


    Some of the low hanging fruit is obviously in figuring out how to route some of the desired foot traffic towards the venue. We've taken the first steps in developing some printed material that volunteers will hand out in key locations. The venue sandwich board / hostess strategy is currently very basic - any original ideas for those are appreciated.

    We're starting off with some simple social media love - promoting the link to this page as well as to @juStb's Soundcloud and the venue's website. A more pointed local effort will follow with some printed promo cards (postcard sized or so) - designs are forthcoming. A current challenge: designing an incentive to put on these cards to motivate folks beyond the promise of cool music and half price drinks (further discounting booze is not a likely possibility).

    More details about the particular challenges and opportunities to come.

    This project is important as it represents the kind of stuff we want to encourage on sourced. But we currently do not have sticky technology in the forum, so the bots will keep this thread floating by bumping it on occasion :D