In a recent foray through the wilds of Instragram, I happened upon a curious hashtag: #dubstepviolinist. It was all pictures of the same lovely girl, so I popped on a track and two minutes later I found myself downloading both her studio albums.

The violin’s wonderful spectrum allows it to move from long, epic orchestral notes reminiscent of those scenes from Lord of the Rings that give you goosebumps, to the hyper-energetic Celtic jigs every East Coast music lover knows so well.

And usually the violin’s got the usual suspects for accompaniment: other violins, acoustic guitars, drums… but Stirling’s music trades most of that for the technology employed by Deadmau5 and Skrillex. The result is utterly mindblowing – the stop/start and intense-build-drop style of EDM lets the violin play with its full range. Inject some pop sensibility and occasional rock nod and you have magic. I’m sure there’s a lot more orchestral-meets-EDM music out there (@nathanafi I’m looking at you) and I want it all.

A place to start: Moon Trance – this magical tune pulls in some Edvard Greig at the start and the video is an obvious Thriller tribute. 23,400,000 views on YouTube as of writing, so I’m clearly a little late to this L. Stirling party.

Best case of ‘better late than never,’ ever.



    outRAGEously cheese music video but that was cool lol