Since you can 3D print working firearms these days, I figure the technology is mature enough to print some music, right?

I'm thinking less about doing it for playback reasons, and more for art. It should be relatively simple to take soundwaves and make a 3D model. I've seen some links to jewelry being 3D-printed based on sound... much like sourced's logo, the earrings are the vocalization of the word "earrings" being spoken.

Imagine wearing your favorite song around your neck!

Jewelry aside, just as an art installation it could be neat. And if not 3D printed, sculpted, glass blown. Might not be a mass market thing but hey! Cool art can command insane prices. Just sayin'

(Also a contender for sourced.fm's 2015 Nuit Blanche exhibition?? Eh @proggR? EH??)


    In the digital age, the only cool thing that would make sense to 3D Print, is Vinyl. And it shouldn't be done assembly line style, it should be done in the comfort of one's own home, after making a "digital purchase."

    There's a 3D printed record that apparently works with Shazam. It sounds like shit because the printing resolution just isn't there yet, but the thought of being able to do your own small runs of "vinyl" is pretty cool for DIY music makers.

    That 3D printed jewelry based on sound reminds me of the sourced logo. Its the soundwave of me saying "sourced" into a mic lol. It would be cool to try to make a 3D one sometime :)