First off, one has to pause and consider just what exactly a ghost umbrella is. An ephemeral shield for spirits, against whatever horrors pass as rain in the shadow land? Or the souls of dearly departed, standard issue umbrellas? Hm.

This EP came to us by way of a Twitter conversation. At first listen, it’s identifiable as a rocky/folky/punky sound, the growly, gritty vocals completing a Mumford & Sons-esque experience. Once you start exploring it a little deeper, it unfurls as something more interesting, as many albums tend to do.

The subtitle to the EP is a major hint: (A Vampire Love Story in Three Acts). The lyrics are delivered energetically enough, but they are firmly themed in bleak world of doom and death and also more death. There may also be a screenplay involved, if the album art is to be taken at face value (we wanna read it!) You can find all the songs for your listening pleasure and purchase on their Bandcamp page.

And for a 10-word or less review of each track:

  1. The Story on the Road to Waterloo: punky, necrophile-laden, high-energy and harmonicas!
  2. Emily: folky intro, rocky body, desperate love comes through in vocals.
  3. You Need To Know: A forlorn, swaying song. Bluesy twangs evolve into powerful finish.
  4. Renfield Would Approve: Mmm, bassline. Upbeat and snappy.
  5. Fuck You and Goodbye: Irish Drinking song of the EP. More harmonicas.
  6. Can the Circle Be Unbroken?: A familiar riff, a drunkenly cheerful closer.