Please post about any bugs or weird things that you find on the site. Screen capture it if you can. We encourage you to try and break things as well - tell your tales here.

We use this thread to test on as well if we need to test something in production.


    Here's a fun one to try and recreate.

    1. Go here: http://sourced.fm/discussions/298
    2. Click on the big "Use the Indexer" link.
    3. Pick any of the shows.
    4. You'll arrive at a permalink for /298... then hover over/click the "Use the Indexer" link

    It's now weird and not what it should be. At least for me.

    SoundCloud players don't appear to be loading on mobile. I'm using Chrome.

    A curious minor thing - I went to make a new note to welcome @Frogleg9 to the site; I was on his user page when I did so. When I was done with the note, it populated itself into his "recent activity..." I was confused, but it went away upon refresh. It got me thinking though... having "mentions of you" appear in "recent activity" could be a legit thing to do (might require a tweak of the concept of "recent activity" to something more broad?).

    I've recreated it with another user. Turns out it has nothing to do with mentioning them :)


    It goes away upon refresh, so more of a cosmetic bug than anything else :P

    Try typing Drum & Bass into your genres on the profile.

    I'm getting notifications for subscribed discussions that seem to be a week old.

    @proggR I noticed that there are artists with links to their music but aren't showing up on the music page. Is the pagination set up for that page?

    Auto tagging of users ([@proggR](http://sourced.fm/u/proggR)) < is being weird. Might be upon editing :o - will edit this post to test.

    Test [@proggR](http://sourced.fm/u/proggR)

    Testing keyboard on mobile.

    I think I made this weird empty tag by entering a space? I got tripped up in a laggy autocomplete - and then it wouldn't let me "X" out the tag. I was able to add a new tag and remove the new tag no problem but the "space tag" was sticky. The fields stayed populated with the space tag even after closing the modal (which is a good feature, normally). Then I was somehow logged out... not sure if being logged out when starting this journey was part of the problem or the space tag had anything to do with it. When I logged back in the form was clear.


    @proggR - You had mentioned some sort of first-reply bug to me the other day, not sure if this is it, but I cannot see the first response to this discussion... I replied and the animation showed as a full sized convo card (not the half screen size). I refreshed and it was gonzo :(

    Noticed that some of the music players cross-loaded tracks... a refresh fixed it so hard to tell if it's SoundCloud's fault, my browser, or a real bug :P


    Minor design bug: auto linked links run off the side if theys big:


    Hmm, noticed something weird. Here I don't have Remember Me enabled, but my user and pass was autofilled. here

    Also, I tried making a post from my iPhone, and it said note successful, but it never went thru :(

    i see my reply is actually here but weird, it didn't show up immediately earlier when I tried it twice...oops, sorry!

    was trying to post a reply to this discussion - .fm/discussions/273/982/1001 but every time I hit reply, nothing happened...

    was trying to post a reply to this discussion - .fm/discussions/273/982/1001 but every time I hit reply, nothing happened...

    Noticed that the first top level reply to a new Discussion doesn't do autorefresh magic. Testing now to see if this one does...

    Edit: This ones totally does.

    When making a new discussion: clicking the "x" to remove a tag closes the whole modal D:

    I had a hell of a time entering my information into the initial profile form. I had to submit it no less than 16 times before all of the information submitted. The problem was that every single form was mandatory but I didn't know that. Adding a red asterisk for each mandatory form would be a good way to show people that they must include all information! Other than that? GREAT!

    On sign up page, if you make a mistake in one of the fields you are forced to re-upload your image and reenter your name - all fields are cleared. I had to redo the form a few times because Toronto, ON was not recognized as a valid City and the form would reset all fields.

    Also, initial Login should have a 'forgot password option'.


    Noticed on mobile that this reply box didn't disappear immediately after the "successfully made reply" box also disappeared. So it was just sitting here, this full text still here, potentially waiting to be double posted. The fast feedback works, showing that you did indeed just post, so that should deter double posting. Going to test the double post right now though.

    Hey Jordy, were you referring to having trouble with the profile forms? I think I mentioned that I had some issues with some of the fields not accepting my text...can't recall exactly but I think it was in an email to you.

    sorry for the confusion on this one Brandon, was referring to email notifications all this time when Jordy thought I meant on here!

    When you use the ! [ click] (link) format for images, I feel like the image should be clickable to fullscreen/zoom in on it. Is that a possible thing to do?

    Also, My remember me isnt working :(