Please post about any bugs or weird things that you find on the site. Screen capture it if you can. We encourage you to try and break things as well - tell your tales here.

We use this thread to test on as well if we need to test something in production.


    edit seems broken..

    Testing top reply

    Replying within a modal on iOS7 is giving me a lot of grief. Basically, it doesn't work (just sits there and loads). Closing a modal on mobile has also been a bit of a pain lately (X buttons don't seem to respond, have to tap outside of it). Anyone else able to replicate? The sexy new reply stuff works fine outside of modals though.

    The new /u/jordy URLs are hidden behind a "you must sign in to see this" gate. Not sure if bug or intentional (since user/jordy still works when signed out, as does everything else one assumes)

    Per the discussion on the field height, noticed that manually expanding pushes the reply buttons behind the convo cards. It does not do this for top level replies to the Discussion though, so I'm assuming a 1 forgot to be carried somewhere :)


    weird thing too is after you reply, the "reply-dialog pane" does not hide itself, maybe more of a UX issue than a bug but worth looking at

    Ah okay, per my test of http://sourced.fm/discussions/6/1034 - the reply button is disabled (@proggR's fix to prevent double posting). But a new bug arises: this feature kicks in permanently unless you reload the page. i.e. It stops me from making two replies in the same pageview. The instance of someone needing to probably isn't super common... But I did have 2+ bugs to post and having to refresh the page each time is a very slightly minor inconvenience, ha.

    Currently, my dashboard is only showing stuff by myself! Checking with bots to see if this is the case for them too. Might be a leftover bug from the Remember Me stuff? I notice that weird "blank" follower still exists in the list.

    still not getting any notifications Jordy

    Potential issue: I just visited the site via Chrome, and it kept spawning a "keychain permission" dialog. I clicked "Allow" and "Deny" a bunch of times... after about 3-4 clicks it left me alone. As soon as I got a few pages in, I was assaulted again until I finally clicked "Always Allow."

    Should have grabbed a screencap - dunno if it's sourced's fault or my browser was being weird or what.

    I haven't been getting notifications for anything lately...

    I can't seem to get either our soundcloud profile for our general bio working as a link, as well as the soundcloud playlist for the browse music section...

    We had texted about this earlier today @proggR - but yeah potentially something about "Remember" (which, I think might be better expressed as "Remember me") has gummed up Followers.

    First off - I noticed I could follow myself, resulting in this fun fella:


    I saw that guy on other people's lists too. Whether or not that's me on other profiles or not... I can't seem to recreate it right now.

    Also, the buttons an my list say I'm not following certain artists that I know I am (e.g. King Tut), yet I do appear on their "Followers" list (but they're not in my Following. I think).


    Multiple music cards loading funny on mobile. Possibly similar to the masonry bug that we fixed a few weeks ago. Flopping the phone to landscape appears to fix it. I don't think it's a 'loading slow' issue.


    Yup @jordy + @nathanafi the mentions are still getting handled. I need to try to track down what's up with the subs. They should be firing but aren't. I'll dig into that shortly.

    I'm working on the remember me stuff right now. Almost there, but I'll need @joepelow to touch up the form a bit.

    Notification bug?

    So @mirnar responded to my reply in this discussion, to which I am subbed.

    When I looked at it, the timestamp was 1h, meaning the notification script should have picked it up. I'm pretty sure I dove right into the thread, which I know would cancel out the notification... but shouldn't the notification still be logged? I went into my notifications and didn't see the update. I wasn't expecting to see the number badge since I'd gone directly to the thread... but should it still be there?

    On mobile: modals were being very disagreeable when it came to closing. The "X" buttons were not responding for a while... could have been my phone though.

    My own notes/shares should show up on my dashboard, yo. It's the social media way.

    More broken design things: This tends to happen in card-based pages. Notice it happening on mobile too. Refresh fixes it most of the time.


    The link on the homepage inside the Build the Beast card is appears to be broken :o

    "Cancel" button on the settings page wasn't responding / doing anything on mobile. Does it just reset fields and that's why it seemed that way? Or should it redirect to dashboard or something?

    Duplicate posts

    I've been seeing a few of these pop up on the boards. If you accidentally post something twice, try and remember what happened exactly.

    Probably less a bug than a UX thing. We could always put a short timer between posts to prevent that, or even something that auto-detects identical posts (will help preempt spam too). Facebook has a similar functionality.

    1. Conversation permalink doesn't let you reply to the convo (but it does let your reply to the discussion), possibly if there is only the original post.
    2. In the conversation permalink, when there is only one post, the "last post" timer appears and it says "44y" in the instance I found :D


    Test reply #37141