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Ahmad Sakallah



    What we are up against

    First off, the vision of the company is one all artists and I mean all artists agree with. They are sick of being treated as assets rather than people, their creative expression interfered with for the sake of profits, and generally focusing on promoting themselves or working on the business of music to be heard rather than focusing on their crafts.

    Right off the bat, no signed artist will ever be able to come to this site. You will not be able to handle the lawyer battles that the major labels are so inclined on doing. If you truly want to bring music into the open source age. I suggest you contact me soon. If you are in this startup for making money, then you will not succeed. We need to ally with as many relevant startups as possible. I plan to build my company's Angel List soon. We will be formalizing our business plan today. I encourage you to contact me as soon as you can Ali, Brandon, Jordy, and Joe. Please if you are as passionate about artists not being ripped off and bringing music back to a respectable artistic standard away from the current "most marketable" model, email me: [email protected]

    But why don't we discuss our favorite music on this thread!

    I grew up on songs like these: