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    Early Morning Raves?

    Kind of a cool concept. I like the idea of a drug & alcohol free environment where people can just enjoy EDM (although I do enjoy my alcohol). Maybe it would help to reduce the negativity surrounding EDM events that we have seen in the past with large festivals. Thoughts?

    A generation of entitled musicians? Jack White seems to think so.

    I think this is an interesting thought. In Jack White's opinion, maybe some musicians are forgetting that you have to work REALLY hard to be a great musician.

    Bloor Ossington Folk Festival a.k.a BOFF!

    BOFF is this weekend and I am so excited! It's even more exciting because @proggR and I live right across the street and can enjoy all the acts we want! If you are around this weekend, please come out and support local folk artists (and some not-so-folky artists on Friday night).

    So happy that sourced works on Firefox!!" Big Brother" has finally allowed a browser other than IE and I can check out the site at work :)

    @jordy @mirnar and @raf Free show tonight at 3030?

    Wednesday night show at the Rivoli! Ex-Stars guitarist Alan Snoddy, starts at 8 tonight.

    Who wears earplugs/cotton at shows?

    As I've started to go to more shows recently, I have noticed people wearing earplugs or cotton while at shows. I thought it was silly at first because you are there to HEAR the music. But then when my ears started ringing after CMW and NXNE, I thought "hey maybe those people are really freaking smart." @danlewtobe mentioned that wearing the earplugs actually enhances the show experience because you can really distinguish between chords, instruments, etc.

    What are your thoughts on earplugs at shows? I am definitely going to start wearing them to prevent hearing loss before I'm 30. Ultimately, the volume of the music is going to penetrate anything a person can stuff in their ears, unless they have earplugs made out of adamantium.

    Royal Conservatory: Helping or Hurting?

    After having a conversation last night about RCM training, exams, recitals, etc., I thought some more about how training in any professional-type setting can actually be counter-productive for budding musicians. The RCM syllabus has strict guidelines for what pieces a student can play for each exam and what finger to play each and every note with. I was lucky enough to be taught piano by a cousin who just had such a passion for piano and wanted to pass it on to me. She let me play whatever songs I thought sounded pretty in the RCM books and brought me sheet music for pop songs I would recognize. It was a very laid back setting for piano lessons, but these lessons still prepared me for university. I did not take a single RCM piano exam because I was terrified of performing in front of more than just my Mom. I ended up going to university to major on clarinet and in the end, RCM didn’t matter. Requirements for a university music program are that you can play at a certain RCM level and not that you actually HAVE the certificates to prove it, just as long as you can blow the professors in the audition.

    Sooo basically I want to see what thoughts are on whether RCM is helpful in the long run or if it kind of dampers creativity. I have never been able to jam on any instrument because I am constantly thinking about the time signature, key signature, rhythm patterns, where to come in, how to play a certain chord etc. I have recently learned to play the ukulele and the strumming is the hardest part because I over analyze every strumming pattern to the point of no longer being able to even hear it.

    Are there any other people here who took RCM or other “professional” training for music? I think everyone and anyone can be a great musician. It doesn’t matter if they can’t tell you where middle ’C’ is on the piano or they are descendants of Beethoven. If they can feel the music, they can play it.

    Happy to see @ccarchitects on sourced! Welcome to the community:)

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    The Luke Austin Band, an artist from Toronto

    This band is amazing!!!!!

    @Jordy we are heading to Rancho Relaxo for Bella's Bartok at 10:)

    What covers would sound cool on the ukulele?

    I'm learning to play the ukulele and I find it much more enjoyable to learn songs that I know already. After learning David Guetta's "Titanium" on ukulele, I realized that ANYTHING sounds cool on the little instrument. What other songs would sound awesome that one wouldn't normally play on it?


    Yay sourced is launched! Testing out the current features!