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    Hi! Thank you for reading this. Whether you’re here because you’re genuinely curious about helping or you were begged/bribed/tricked/coerced/dragged here by one of our supporters, I truly appreciate it.

    Of course, the number one thing that helps us right now is if you sign up.

    If you’ve already done that, (or don’t really want to – insert puppy eyes), I’ve organized many different alternative ways you can help us out into tiers based on just how much damn effort is required :)

    Level 1: “Just show me like, one thing to click and leave me alone already.”

    Fair enough. Here’s a list of simple things that add up in the long run and are practically effort free:

    Level 2: “I’ve got some time to poke around and see what I can do to help.”

    Beautiful! All the Level 1 stuff is still totally legit, but in addition:

    • Definitely sign up, and let us know if it was easy, frustrating, “meh,” or whatever.
    • Opt-in to weekly email site updates (found in your settings) – these will only be sent to you based on if any new information related to you happened in the past week. Also it will remind you that we exist n stuff.
    • Drop a few opinions and thoughts into some Discussions – making comments versus just skimming makes a world of difference to the community. You never know what kind of serendipity might spin up.
    • Or, make your own Discussion. Doesn’t need to be fancy, or long, or even about music.
    Level 3: “This kind of seems like something I’d like to be a part of. Like, for reals.”

    Amazing. At this point hopefully you’re convinced about the signing up part. So apart from all the Level 2 stuff…

    • Have a gander at the Welcome Thread.. There’s a much more in-depth list of things that users might want to check out in order to actually use sourced for their own benefit, as well as helping us out.
    • Be sure to Introduce yourself!
    • Reach out to one of the founders (@jordy, @proggr, @joepelow) and let us know what ideas you might have – chances are we have something cooking behind the scenes that you can start to get involved in. Send us private message (coming very soon)!
    • If you’re someone who has online forum experience and are interested in eventually helping moderate and administrate this site, then definitely do the reach-out thing.
    • Find, share and promote the crap out of your special Vanguard Link (look for it here).
    Level 4: “Let’s talk about seriously working together: I help you, you help me, that sort of thing!”

    Whoah! That’s what we like to hear!

    • We’ve put together some documentation on how we work to support both artists and artist managers. It will be publicly available quite soon, but for now please send us a message to discuss.
    • If you’re not one of the above, there are several other initiatives that we have in mind.
    • And if you live in Toronto, let’s grab a beer and chat.

    Hey there @Manteloupe - welcome aboard. I'm curious to know how you found out about us and what you think of this place so far - and of course if you have any questions, thoughts and other feedback, we are all ears :)

    Should my band be on Twitter?


    I suppose the “why” part is important too. You can Google the title of this Discussion, and what you’ll currently find is a lot of “What Bands Should/Shouldn’t Do” lists regarding Twitter tactics. (These are actually pretty good resources and contain solid ideas for the most part. Go check them out if you’re sold on the “yes” answer.)

    The overarching reason that you should be on Twitter, succinctly put, is because it is a magic serendipity machine.

    Forget about getting followers; put aside the fantasy of having 60K followers and getting RT’d like gangbusters (hint: lots of followers is the result of success, not necessarily the thing you need to achieve to become successful).

    Every single tweet is like a tiny lottery ticket. You never know where it will lead or who will see it or act upon it. You can improve your odds by using Twitter for the express purpose of trying to cause serendipity.

    People call this “making your own luck.” It’s a very real practice.

    Try tweeting at a booker, or an agent’s friend. Ask people who tweet about you or about your genre to come to a show, if they’re from the area. Take the time to truly try and talk to people (and move it off Twitter if the 140 limit becomes cumbersome) instead of worrying about creating content, getting RTs, following, unfollowing, etc.

    You’ll be amazed at the magic that can start from a single tweet. You’ll be amazed at the amount of people who are willing to chat for a bit. You’ll be amazed at how some of those people can seriously impact your career.


    Quick Album Review: The Story on the Road to Waterloo by Buddy Black and the Ghost Umbrellas

    First off, one has to pause and consider just what exactly a ghost umbrella is. An ephemeral shield for spirits, against whatever horrors pass as rain in the shadow land? Or the souls of dearly departed, standard issue umbrellas? Hm.

    This EP came to us by way of a Twitter conversation. At first listen, it’s identifiable as a rocky/folky/punky sound, the growly, gritty vocals completing a Mumford & Sons-esque experience. Once you start exploring it a little deeper, it unfurls as something more interesting, as many albums tend to do.

    The subtitle to the EP is a major hint: (A Vampire Love Story in Three Acts). The lyrics are delivered energetically enough, but they are firmly themed in bleak world of doom and death and also more death. There may also be a screenplay involved, if the album art is to be taken at face value (we wanna read it!) You can find all the songs for your listening pleasure and purchase on their Bandcamp page.

    And for a 10-word or less review of each track:

    1. The Story on the Road to Waterloo: punky, necrophile-laden, high-energy and harmonicas!
    2. Emily: folky intro, rocky body, desperate love comes through in vocals.
    3. You Need To Know: A forlorn, swaying song. Bluesy twangs evolve into powerful finish.
    4. Renfield Would Approve: Mmm, bassline. Upbeat and snappy.
    5. Fuck You and Goodbye: Irish Drinking song of the EP. More harmonicas.
    6. Can the Circle Be Unbroken?: A familiar riff, a drunkenly cheerful closer.


    What did YOU do during the downtime?

    So was down a good little while there, and we assume that it caused much strife and discontent across the globe (Obama wouldn't stop leaving messages). Anything new and exciting happen to anyone during the Dark Ages?

    Howdy @Johnblaze24 - glad you found us. What do you think of the site so far? Any first impressions, suggestions, questions, etc.?

    @mirnar ermergerd new Alt-J album is here. Intro track is messed up ha. I see "Bloodflood pt II" listed though. Excited. Hashtag excited.

    Let's 3D print some music?

    Since you can 3D print working firearms these days, I figure the technology is mature enough to print some music, right?

    I'm thinking less about doing it for playback reasons, and more for art. It should be relatively simple to take soundwaves and make a 3D model. I've seen some links to jewelry being 3D-printed based on sound... much like sourced's logo, the earrings are the vocalization of the word "earrings" being spoken.

    Imagine wearing your favorite song around your neck!

    Jewelry aside, just as an art installation it could be neat. And if not 3D printed, sculpted, glass blown. Might not be a mass market thing but hey! Cool art can command insane prices. Just sayin'

    (Also a contender for's 2015 Nuit Blanche exhibition?? Eh @proggR? EH??)

    I just fell in love with EDM violinist Lindsey Stirling

    In a recent foray through the wilds of Instragram, I happened upon a curious hashtag: #dubstepviolinist. It was all pictures of the same lovely girl, so I popped on a track and two minutes later I found myself downloading both her studio albums.

    The violin’s wonderful spectrum allows it to move from long, epic orchestral notes reminiscent of those scenes from Lord of the Rings that give you goosebumps, to the hyper-energetic Celtic jigs every East Coast music lover knows so well.

    And usually the violin’s got the usual suspects for accompaniment: other violins, acoustic guitars, drums… but Stirling’s music trades most of that for the technology employed by Deadmau5 and Skrillex. The result is utterly mindblowing – the stop/start and intense-build-drop style of EDM lets the violin play with its full range. Inject some pop sensibility and occasional rock nod and you have magic. I’m sure there’s a lot more orchestral-meets-EDM music out there (@nathanafi I’m looking at you) and I want it all.

    A place to start: Moon Trance – this magical tune pulls in some Edvard Greig at the start and the video is an obvious Thriller tribute. 23,400,000 views on YouTube as of writing, so I’m clearly a little late to this L. Stirling party.

    Best case of ‘better late than never,’ ever.


    This is a test. You can ignore it. OR MAKE IT INTO A PARTY!

    Hey @Frogleg9! So glad you could join us. Let me know if you have any links to your music you'd like some social media love directed towards. I'm sure we can persuade this little account to make some noise ;)

    The Pyro Board: Music Visualizer WITH FIRE

    When art and science collide, beautiful things happen. Some physicists used the idea of standing waves and pyrotechnics to create a 50x50 board of baby flamethrowers that respond to sound. After 3 minutes of some technical explanation and some interesting (but slightly annoying) tone experiments, they toss a rap beat into the machine and...


    Quick Album Review: The Kooks - Listen

    My ears have had the pleasure of knowing The Kooks for a good five years now. They’re one of those bands that if you listen to them closely enough, you are consistently astounded with just how damn talented they are (and if you ever have the chance to see them live – do it). There’s a richness and clarity to the music that has its roots in Britpop, but isn’t afraid to borrow and incorporate sounds from all across the board.

    Their latest studio album, Listen, dropped earlier this month. This time the boys have experimented with a lot of choral stuff with a healthy dollop of disco and Latin influences. The album seems to be split roughly into thirds, moving loosely from choral to pop-rock to Latin-disco, with the sad songs (#4, #8) signaling the switch.

    For this review, I’ve listed each of the tracks below and tried to describe the highlights in under 10 words.

    1. Around Town: Huge choral intro, busy, constant energy, fun bridge
    2. Forgive & Forget: Driving beat, sway & clap, gospel meets pop
    3. Westside: Simple guitar riffs (Classic Kooks sound) meets synthy disco mix
    4. See Me Now: Piano led, gorgeous heartbreaker for a lost parent
    5. It Was London: Fast, fun, so many guitar layers
    6. Bad Habit: The rock ‘n’ roll track, bold and unapologetic
    7. Down: Vocal creativity, dance! Crowd participates in the bridge.
    8. Dreams: Upbeat yet mournful, Latin strings, quavering synth
    9. Are We Electric: Falsetto chorus, synth ‘n’ disco are the backbone.
    10. Sunrise: Transportation to a summer party in South American. Falsetto chorus #2
    11. Sweet Emotion: Snappy, jazzy love-song closer, lingering outro on the keys.


    @alykatt09 Yo! How was Glass Animals? Get any sweet pics??

    Why hello @Annie_howard! Welcome to sourced, let us know if we can be helpful at all. We appreciate you joining us so early in our journey :)

    Hey @roadclosedhunted - thanks for signing up! We met on Instagram - thanks for enduring our Australia-less settings for now. While you're here, I suggest making a Discussion about your music like our IG pal @Eddi_Flores did here. I tend to throw out IG shoutouts for those who share their jams on this sire ;)

    Free U2 album Songs of Innocence forced gifted via iTunes

    Shortly after the big Apple keynote, the folks at iTunes pressed a few buttons and boom! U2’s new album is copied to everyone’s iTunes cloud.

    A free album! Brilliant marketing!

    Or a massive invasion of privacy?

    That’s the debate raging now online. Legally, nothing is amiss. Having an iTunes account, this move is assuredly covered in the TOC. And Apple technically didn’t force the download – just made it available.

    Yet this flagrantly ignores the sense of personal and private connection we feel with our devices (even if that is just an illusion). It is a stark reminder of how we’re not fully in control, and that is NOT something the masses enjoy being reminded about. Is the outrage enough to dent Apple sales? Is it enough to prevent the upside risk of the move (i.e. EVERYONE now knows about this album, and many will love it and appreciate the free songs)?

    AUX.TV seems to be in favor of the move. Not Apple’s fault that you failed to understand how the cloud works, they say. Slate’s writer jokingly warns of the potential fallout if this marketing move is left unchecked. Members of the Internet Hate Machine are… well pretty damn vocal about it as you can well imagine.

    This is actually a fairly important discussion. Technology is only going to get more “invisible,” and the legality surrounding it more esoteric, grey, confusing. What side of the fence are you on?


    Hello and welcome @theforthwall! Thanks for signing up. If there's anything we can do, any questions we can answer, just ask!

    Hey hey @maxgillham! Welcome to our little corner of the web.

    Walk Off The Earth joins Patreon

    It's true! The hyper original, exceedingly talented, wonderful music making folks at WOTE launched yesterday (and are already nearing $5,000/music video).

    The reason I find this particularly interesting is it's the first time that I've seen something that is already highly commercially successful jump onto the platform (if you know any other examples, please share). Most Patreon creations are made by folks who use it to truly supplement the core of their craft; WOTE is channeling it specifically to fund the music videos that they've become famous for.

    This will also put a big spotlight on Patreon itself (the site's creator is obviously aware of that, as he appears in WOTE's charming promo video).

    I'll be watching this one with a lot of interest. Check it out for yourself, and definitely watch their promo vid.


    @mirnar Any interest in this: ~ @juStb invited me to it and it's been a while since I danced afool at Toika.

    Reverse Songza. This is music for when...

    As someone who loves or makes music, you know it’s so much more than just the sounds that fly out of mouths and instruments. The live performance alone is tiered with complexities: stage presence, lighting, the tone and hooks, the vibe of the crowd…

    The process and purpose of making and sharing music is a deep human journey – whether or not one can fully articulate it.

    So why do the vast majority of media platforms out there simply hock the sounds (and occasionally the visuals)? “Check this song out” or, “discover new music.”

    And you’re guilty of it too. How often do we just offer up a link or toss out “yeah check out our stuff…”?

    I don’t know if this will work, but try it with me anyway. Instead of “check out this awesome new track,” assertively claim what kind of situation the track is for.


    I call this “Reverse Songza” since that good ol’ app gets you to pick the situation, then suggests tracks (and they have done quite well with that approach!)


    I’m going to be much more interested in what you do as a musician if you’ve demonstrated that you know what you’re doing yourself and how it could possibly tie to me. It doesn’t need to be complicated or deeply introspective. Just you knowing that your music is “for rainy Sundays” could be enough. This is an innate quality of human interaction that pervades all aspects of life, I believe.

    Hey @Sherexmykes, welcome to our part of the Internet. How'd you hear about us?

    Why hello @TheMindOrchestra! Your handle is familiar from the wonderful world of Instagram. Welcome to our humble site, please make yourself at home and don't be shy - we can be a pretty talkative group.

    Oculus Rift: the future of gaming, porn, cinema and maybe music?

    And possibly cinematic music for gaming porn?

    Seriously though. I can’t keep freaking about this piece of technology. I haven’t even tried them yet and I’m already convinced that they will be the next pivotal tool; the iPhone of the 2016 – 2020 era.

    If you’re not acquainted with ‘em already, Oculus Rift is fully functional and commercially available virtual reality. You can order these for like $500 right now. In a few years, that price will be suppressed as they figure out how to make ‘em cheaper and newer models arise.


    Think about. Actual virtual reality. Technology so good that it succeeds in tricking your brain (that’s hard to do for any sustained amount of time). They can transform your living room into a medieval castle complete with dragons, or do something as subtle as change the colour of your carpets and leave everything else the same. They can simulate flight, roller coasters (do not do the coaster while standing in front of your dickish Russian buddy)… basically anything that can be conceived.

    Do you remember the first time you used a touch pad on an iPod Touch (or similar)? Were you as impressed as I was (and in like under 10 minutes completely at home with it like you’d been using it for years?)

    I think this is this next thing that will evoke that feeling (and then some).

    It doesn’t take a ton of imagination to see how the gaming, pornography and cinematic industries will be completely overhauled by these bad boys.

    Music, on the other hand, is a little trickier. Yes, the audio accompaniment to the VR experience will help complete the effect (and once they get the tactile experience down we’re effectively in the Matrix), but I wonder if there would be a market for VR concerts, VR music videos, VR jam sessions, etc etc.

    It’s not stopping and it’s come fast, so those who are thinking about it now stand to benefit the most!

    Oh also Facebook owns Oculus, which is just bonkers.