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    Wishing all the Sourced crew and all the members a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON and the very best of musical new years!!! Thanks for all your support! Here's to an even bigger better year ahead :)

    juSt b. xo

    Parlour’s Thursday Resident DJ: juSt b - House Music in Toronto

    Ever so fortunate am I that in less than a year of moving to Toronto to pursue my musical passion, I’ve earned a residency at the beautiful Parlour Lounge. I’ll be using this thread to discuss ideas, struggles, & successes with promotion of the night so that others can learn from or contribute to this adventure!

    ... a little placeholder until the new awesome graphic comes (thx @jordy) ;)

    Every Thursday evening, in the luxurious & cozy confines of 270 Adelaide West, I’ll be privileged to take you on an epic 6-hr journey beginning with a chill, ambient, down-tempo vibe slowly building on smooth, organic grooves & progressing towards deep, funked-up, super sexAfied b-beats – guaranteed to have you feeling... moving... and hopefully - wanting more!

    So come on out & share a ½ priced cocktail (or 3) & help make the night a memorable one!

    Any & all feedback, promotion ideas, stories, or questions: please post below!

    x b.

    What is your most epic concert experience? Do tell!

    Over the years, I had the privelege of witnessing not 1 but 4 live masterpieces by the incredible genius that is Roger of the masterminds behind Pink Floyd of course. In all the concerts I've been to over my lifetime...nothing compares to the phenomenal representation and re-telling of The Wall. I saw this show in Ottawa in Oct 2010, after returning from a year away in asia, and it was truly one of the most beautifully written, epicly executed, musically fused theatrical works of art I have ever experienced.

    I'd love to hear about yours... perhaps you've also shared in this Floydian journey.....either way, please share :)

    @mirnar Any interest in this: ~ @juStb invited me to it and it's been a while since I danced afool at Toika.

    16 Bit Lolitas @ Toika Lounge - Sept. 27th

    For anyone that's free on Sept.27th, I invite and strongly encourage you to come check this out at Toika Lounge. It's a dear friend and genius producer from Amsterdam (16 Bit Lolitas) whom we are so very lucky to have in Toronto.

    A little taste of their productions can be heard here....the first of which is an entire album released a couple yrs ago - Supermrkt - and it's positively brilliant.

    Hope you'll come out for something a bit different but guaranteed top notch!

    juSt b - Upcoming Gigs

    juSt b's Upcoming gigs!

    Starting Sept. 11th, I play every Thursday night @ Parlour - 270 Adelaide West in Toronto. Hope to see ya there soon! x b

    @jordy - i'm making an order for new business cards (vista's got a great sale!) and I'm adding my vanguard so expect a bit more exposure through some of the many people I'm giving it out to. You know how much I love to pimp that card ;p

    OH ... and one final note from tonight after you left....there was a couple on their first date right in front of me while playing for about 2 hrs and near the time when I had to shut down, they both yelled out how much they loved the music...then the woman asked me if I'd like to play in the Danforth on a Saturday night and I of course said YES!!! PLEASE!! Tomorrow we're supposed to chat about it as she knows the bar owners at 'O' and some other club...and she really wants me to play there :) WOOOOOWEEEEE a Saturday night gig would be amaaaaazing!

    @jordy @proggR Hey guys, so i was just hitting up the discussion around earplugs ( to which I'd added a reply a week or so ago ... but was unable to see my reply anywhere...and I noticed at the bottom that it said "you may not be seeing all the replies...." I hadn't noticed this until there no way for me to see any additional replies besides the 3 that were showing on the screen at this time?

    I played @Parlour tonight and my super supporter [@Jordy]( was kind enough to come out and not only chat with the manager about working together on better promoting the venue and night, but also stuck around for a few hours to keep me company....HUGELY appreciated! especially as Thursdays are typically pretty quiet (something we are trying desperately to change!). [@Jordy](, with your help, I truly believe it's possible to turn this night in to something pretty magical. I feel there are big things thank U - to all of you here @Sourced...for all your support thus far. It means the world!

    b xO

    Hit up a fun little rock show tonight at Lee's Palace on Bloor with Jordy and Miranda to check out 'King Tut'. These guys were solid!! Quite a change up from my usual tunage but really awesome to see more passionate music lovers up there doing what they love, makin it happen.

    Welcome bitpakkot, happy to have you!

    A big welcome to a friend from Vancouver and one of the latest sourcedFM members - @bitpakkot. I know him from years back in Ottawa. He has an incredible musical background. Here's his soundcloud link to get you started....