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    Yay Canadian Music!

    I love the CBC and George, I'm glad they do too!

    @jordy Sylvan Esso sold out The Drake Underground and is now playing The Horseshoe!!! Sept 8. Should we get tickets now?

    Beyond the Mountain at Rivoli

    Guys! Come check out @Raf play with Beyond the Mountain at Rivoli July 15!

    Ummm... Alt-J?

    Alt-J released a single that will be on their new album this fall, "Left Hand Free". I have personally been anxiously awaiting this album as Alt-J quickly became one of my favourite bands of 2013. I was definitely nervous about the release since hearing the news about their bass player abandoning ship and am wondering if this has anything to do with it. I also was a little weirded out by the Miley Cyrus sample in "Hunger of the Pines", but that song is more their style. After listening to "Left Hand Free" only once, my reaction was literally, "ummm... Alt-J? Really?"

    Left Hand Free

    NXNE Radius Clause Abolished

    I always thought this was ridiculous! Glad to hear it's no more.

    NXNE Clause

    I always thought this was ridiculous! Glad to hear it's no more.

    NXNE Clause

    Jack White Apology

    I was really sick hearing about this, so hopefully this is the end of it. You can't like everyone, even if they are super talented musicians. What people say in private is meant to be private. Imagine if we all had to be careful of what we say and do every moment of every day in fear of someone hearing how we really feel. I don't usually sympathize with rich, famous people, but I did not like all of the ill press Jack was getting over this. I very much enjoy and respect Jack White and The Black Keys, each in their own way. This just goes to show Jack's character. Check out Jack's apology here.

    This is a pretty accurate representation of how it went down at Tattoo with M.I.A. the other night.

    Insert foot in mouth Win Butler, Arcade Fire

    I always find it disappointing when there are artists who "bash" other artists. I don't know if that was the intent of Arcade Fire, but it seemed that way, and Deadmau5 shared my sentiment. The beauty of music is that there are so many different ways to make it! I love that there are countless genres of music to listen to! Has anybody else heard about this? And does anybody care? haha

    EDM Diss?

    I was here for the first time a few weeks ago to check out #Dear Rouge and #Fast Romantics. I have to say I fell in love with the venue right away! It was awesome to be able to have a birds eye view of the show, and it was still small enough to make it feel like a private show experience. There are 2 large bars and getting a drink was never a problem. The staff were great too! Super friendly from the door guy, to bouncers, to bartenders. I highly recommend checking out a show here!


    I thought it was a great venue for an intimate experience! Nothing fancy, nice and simple. Sound was good too.

    I noticed the ATM fee too. I don't recall having to pay $4 anywhere else I have been to in Toronto. Good thing was, they took my Visa at the bar and I started a tab.