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    Virtual Reality Meets The Festival Experience...This is just the Beginning

    Tomorrow World reveals a 360 degree tour of its festival. The tour, powered by a third party company "YouVisit," gives you a chance to walk through the festival grounds in something that resembles a google earth walkthrough. This will no doubt, one day be an industry standard.

    check it.

    A fail-proof Introduction to EDM for those who want to experience an incredible night

    Oftentimes, I find myself almost desperately trying to convince my friends to come to every EDM festival and show that ever existed. They are so much fun and I feel like even though EDM isn't most people's thing, you'd be surprised at what an outrageous amount of fun the average person with just a mediocre interest in dance music can have at the right show. I have sold every. Single. Friend. That I have dragged to an EDM spectacle. They always leave completely sold on the awesomeness of the experience and always tell me to let them know when the next big one is coming. So here you go. The next big one is here.

    The show to go to is coming up on Saturday November 1st at Arrow Hall in Toronto. Hardwell was voted the best DJ in the world in 2013 by DJ Mag (A pretty reputable source) and is going to rock the shit out of 10,000+ people in the venue. Tickets started at $100 but are now sitting at around $180... yes, ridiculously expensive. But kijiji, craigslist and stubhub are always sites where you can find a large amount of people trying to get rid of their tickets last minute. And with a concert being this big, there will be a decent amount of these people.

    Life is for the living, and money will come and go. Go and experience the music that is currently shaking an entire generation of music lovers. This is a show that I GUARANTEE anyone can enjoy.

    Wanna check out his music? Anything off Hardwell: Revealed 5

    A cool video he filmed when he won Best DJ?

    The Peptides, a must-see band. It's like Broadway you wanna bust a move to.

    During indie week, I went to check out a small showcase on Thursday night at the Supermarket in Kensington Market. Most bands were decent at best, but then The Peptides strutted on stage and began to blow me away.

    With a colourful, funky appearance and fearless presence, this soulful, uproarious group immediately grabbed the crowd’s attention and didn’t let go. With over the top outfits, synchronized dance numbers, and mid-song antics (I’ve never seen a band use prop phones to compliment a song about phone sex before), The PepTides are cartoonish in a good way. There’s no dance floor at the Supermarket, but The PepTides had at least a few people in the room wishing for one. Myself particularly.

    If you want to check them out? You can. They're playing at 3030 Dundas West on Saturday October 25th. Their album artwork and website is like super intense eye candy too and I love just staring at it... Maybe you will too.

    Love talent and insane concert production? Check this out.

    I was hanging out with a friend on Friday night and we were taking turns showing each other music videos through ChromeCast on his TV and he showed me this one band from japan named "Baby Metal." It's three 14 year old girls who ROCK. THE F$CK. OUT. And if you like insane stage production and stage presence, this is definitely for you. Probably the most important thing too--- it's all really. REALLY. catchy. And super unique!!

    Take some time to go through a bunch of their live videos on that playlist if you wanna see some really insane concert venues that japan has too....The 360 dome is insane. I be jels.

    Summer EDM Festival withdrawl? Don't cry yet...

    Toronto has a new EDM festival and if you're still fiending the festivals as much as I am/not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, this is your answer.

    Boasting a mix of local and international talent, the new "Play" festival at fort york next Saturday September 13 is looking to be awesome.

    Pretty excited to finally be able to say I went to the first year of one of T.O's festivals before it got 10 times bigger each year after lol....Check it!!!!

    Gettin' Updated on EDM

    So I love to go to every EDM/dancey event I can in Toronto and it often does pretty intense damage to my wallet because there is no compromise when it comes to whether or not to miss a show......

    Here are the site's newsletters that I have subscribed to to keep me up to date on the stuff that goes down in Toronto...

    -Hype 1 newsletter (amazing) -The Guvernment's newsletter -Ontario concert updates through live nation entertainment (not so much for EDM)

    Honestly, the top 4 are all you need.

    In addition to that, for sites to find out about new music:

    Ultra Records Sues YouTube star for EVERYTHING

    Ultra records has filed a lawsuit against a popular youtube star who uses some of their DJs' music in her brutal. If there is any label that is NOT in need of extra/ruthlessly attained revenue, it's Ultra... Check out the article here.

    Skrillex and Kill the Noise drop Recess Remix EP

    Skrillex and Kill the Noise got together with EDM heavyweights Flux Pavilion, Milo & Otis, Valentino Khan & Ape Drums to do a remix EP of Skrillex's "Recess" album...Amazing. Check it out here! Thats a command. 8l

    My DJ/Rockstar Crush Yasmine reveals Krewella's working on their Sophomore Album

    If you were a fan of the Play Hard EP, then this news might be for you... Get Wet was obviously absolutely incredible and what made me the most gigantic fan of them ever, but this article shows Yasmine stating in interview that their new album will be more of a return to "rock," though not to be scared, as they'll never forget EDM... THEY BETTER NOT lol

    Check it.

    Caddywhompus. Check them out.

    Last night, a two piece band named "Caddywhompus" from New Orleans played sneaky dees at 3am. They had wicked energy and made me think of a crazy aggressive, loud weezer's pinkerton album meeting the dirty nil's raw, heavy energy and sound from Hamilton. If you ever see em coming near you, make sure to check em out!!!

    5 Bands to Check Out this NXNE

    Check out this link for 5 suggestions on bands to see this NXNE!

    Indie Underground's 2014 NXNE Long List of RECOMMENDED BANDS

    Anyone who doesn't know many bands who are playing NXNE this year and need some tips on who to check out,

    go here

    Skrillex, DJ God

    If you've never had an interest in skrillex but you like any sort of EDM, you need to see him live. It will change you. I have seen many DJs and he rocked my world harder than any of them. Plus, his stage presence is absolutely insane. Who the eff ELSE rocks their set in a GIANT UFO?!?!?!! THAT RAISES SUPER HIGH AND GETS SUPER EPIC HALFWAY THROUGH HIS SET????

    Dancing in Toronto

    I was wondering if anyone could direct me to some cool places where dancing to styles like house, dubstep house, electro, anything with really awesome, heavy bass and catchy music go down in Toronto.

    This could be anything from clubs, to just dance circles, to dance classes, to regular performers that put on shows, to even a group of friends that love dancing to this kind of stuff and have some sweet moves.... Or even direct me towards some good online communities or meetups etc. Anything at all will help.

    I think I would like to immerse myself in this world and maybe even take on some lessons of my own... I feel being surrounded by this may inspire me to entertain again and throw the next level event that'll top my last party. I need inspiration! And awesome dancers to stare at their awesomeness!


    Hello everyone. Just a message to let you all know that 200 of our first EP ever has arrived!! Text me at 647-825-4550 or message any of the band members through facebook if chu want one!! They're 5 buckies. OR, even better, come see us play live at lee's palace in Toronto on Thursday May 29th and grab one there!

    An ongoing History of Toronto's Nightlife. Awesome blog

    Hey so I came across this web blog series where they talk about the histories of some of the coolest spots in Toronto that have rocked music lover's lives for years....

    I started with this one. The infamous "Footwork" in Toronto. You'll find this out if you read the article but it was cool to learn that it has not died, it's just moved to the former location of The Annex Wreckroom and is now just bigger, and named CODA. Still wish I could have experienced the legend though....

    The history of Footwork

    Bands That are Like Crack

    It's been such a long time since I've come across a band that has ingrained the lyrics to every single one of their songs on my brain so hard on a subconscious level to the point that I can sing along mindlessly to their songs 15 years later..... Can anyone direct me to any bands that are around now that are like this?

    Think: Treble Charger

    Good Charlotte

    Linkin Park

    Sum 41

    Advice to Aspiring Musicians

    After going through and still being in the middle of all the annoying stuff that comes with trying to get your music discovered/just getting it OUT to the public and recorded and done with, this interview puts it in perspective. More or less, to me Dave's saying, just play music cuz you love it.... play live.

    And if there's anything that's become crystal clear after the painfully long ass time it's taken my band to get this EP done, it's that the funnest part of this band has been jammin with my buddies at the rehearsal factory twice a week for the last four years... as opposed to desperately trying to get an EP out to a world that doesn't know we've already existed for 4 years lol

    Check it. Dave Grohl Interview

    Site Ideas

    So I'm sure this is already on your list of things, but I thought I'd suggest anyway. Are you guys considering a "message" function? I wanted to post somewhere about how AWESOME all the different bunny pictures are for the vip bots are and didn't feel it was worthy of startin' a 'discussion' to just make that comment so I went to message jordy or joe but there was no way to. They are so good. I love all the side angles and slight peeking ones hahahahaha

    What venues have live music during weekdays?

    My knowledge of this is literally restricted to The Rex... I know there has to be more out there. Where are they?

    Hey @jordy and @joepelow you should update your profile like our buddy @nathanafi did. Looks awesome :)

    and soon that album artwork will be on the 200 CDs that I'll be bathing my BOD in as early as the end of next week 8)

    Itd be really cool if you still managed to get the sexiness of the currently purple rock hand avatar in there people upload their headshot, and then theres this sleak little white rock hand in top right corner of pic with crisp purple (pink? What color is it? 70% of men are color blind apparently lol) outline around it.....or a purple/pink rock hand with white outline. Think that would look SEXY.

    Need help. What small venues in Toronto have the best sound?

    Hey everyone,

    My band will be releasing their CD within the next month or so and we are trying to get a solid number of Toronto shows under our belts for April weeknights, May and June. We've secured a show at Lee's Palace on May 29 (absolutely awesome sound) but we want to play a bunch of other venues.

    Do any of you have suggestions as to what venues we should look into? Does anyone know anything about the Bovine Sex Club's sound? We're super loud and need a place with solid sound where people don't want to run for the hills.....

    What's the coolest promotional campaign you've seen by an artist?

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to direct me towards some cool/fun promotional stories about bands. Like for instance, how Alien Ant Farm crashes the BET awards in the video for 'These Days' that I posted on another thread...

    A Transparent look at an average DJ's income

    Here's a really awesome article I just came across. It outlines how much an average DJ made on the EP he released in 2012 after all costs involved.

    Point? It's REALLY important to support the artists we know and love in every single way we know how! Whether it's a sticker on your backpack, a 'like', a share, a comment, whatever!

    Check it out! Defs worth the read.

    How much Nick Thayer made on his "Like Boom" EP