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    Childish Gambino Dissing Artists

    Really cool freestyle by gambino at his recent concert where he calls out kendrick drake and schoolboy q. Check it out here

    The International! (DOTA)

    For anyone who playes games, The International 4 is going on right now! I believe its the biggest tournament in gaming history. The prize pool for the tournament is $10 million, and the grandfinal is being played right now!! Check it out here

    Ill Mind of Hopsin 7!

    Hopsin just released his 7th edition of the ill mind series! Check it out here

    Kendrick Lamar New Album News

    If any of you are into kedrick lamar, heres some nice info on his upcoming album!!!

    Unofficial NXNE Shows

    Know of a show thats not planned in NXNE? Share it here! Open to all/any type of shows that are going on during NXNE.

    P.s: If you have information on a show thats unofficial, please try and give as much supporting info/proof/links as possible, for convenience!

    Ill start it off!

    The painted lady in Toronto is hosting a night called fuNXNE music festival. Its a one night only event and it'll be on June 18th. If you wanna find more information on them check it out here

    For those of you with iPhones, you should checkout the base camp app. I find my self using it a few times a day and it's made the big move to my home screen lol. Here's a quick screenshot here

    Chance The Rapper Performing the Arthur Theme Song

    Thought this was pretty cool haha, looks like most people enjoyed it

    click me!

    Hopsin Concert Today

    Did anyone go to/ is at the hopsin concert at toronto today? If so how was it? Really really wanted to go

    Video Games!

    I know this is quite off-topic, but thought we might have a video game discussion!

    Anywayyy, heres a cool little setup I've been pretty addicted to. Im using dolphin emulator to emulate a wii, an xbox 360 controller, and im playing new super mario bros. Pretty cool!

    Kanye West "Verbally" Assaulted

    Never been a big fan of the TMZ, but this video is actually pretty funny. Some random guy freestyles to kanye as he walks down the streets and he actually gives him time and listens to the entire thing.

    Click Here!

    Off-Topic, Coding Discussion

    Hey guys, if anyone was looking to get into IOS development, just saw this really cool program for only $10 here

    Use the code BEST10 and the price will go down to $10!

    Unreal rap. Super accurate too haha. Growing up Lion King was my favourite movie, so seeing this and being an avid listener of rap music is just the perfect combination :P

    CLICK HERE!!!!!!

    Lion King Rap!

    Unreal rap. Super accurate too haha. Growing up Lion King was my favourite movie, so seeing this and being an avid listener of rap music is just the perfect combination :P

    click me!

    P.s: I messed up creating this thread pretty bad lol, I made it a note originally then made it discussable and now its just weird lol. How do I just delete the entire thread, so I can repost it.

    Unreal rap. Super accurate too haha. Growing up Lion King was my favourite movie, so seeing this and being an avid listener of rap music is just the perfect combination :P

    CLICK HERE!!!!!!

    Another potential suggestion about the filter system

    Hey guys, was just thinking about some other additions that could be integrated in the site. I was thinking that under the location section of filters, you could be able to add your own city. Smaller cities like my home town (Cambridge, Ontario!) aren't really there. Similar to reddit, (how you can create your own subreddits), but instead of having one manager of the "subreddit", I guess there could be just a moderator on each one. Would be great for people who are from smaller cities like me haha!

    Possible Features?

    I've noticed on the login theres no "Remember me" function as there is on most forums. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but think thatd be a great idea!

    Speaking of not knowing if things have been mentioned before, maybe a search would be appropriate as well. Where you could search by keyword or author. They could act as "advanced" filters maybe?

    Lastly, Theres quite a bit of white space on the website as seen here. Going on @TheAllanLuke 's idea of inhouse soundcloud integration, maybe a small player could be placed there that plays music of a user of the forums. That could be like the most active user of the day, most comments of the day, or just one of the mods of the forums music.

    Not trying to be unreasonable with these ideas, just pitching suggestions that would improve the sites quality in my opinion :) p.s Nice addition on the formatting of posts!

    Edit: Remember me has been implemented! Nice job guys!

    Potential Notification System?

    At the university I attend, we use a discussion based forum system called Piazza which is very similar to the discussions part of With Piazza, you can make a thread and ask questions. Whenever someone replies to your thread, you get an email notification. If a large amount of people reply then it obviously wont email you 100s of times, but just one or two. Think this might be a good feature to implement in to actually realize when your thread has been commented on, or if someone replies to your comment!

    What seems to be, the first thread about Rap!

    Haven't really seen alot of threads about rap yet. Anyone recommend any newer songs I can add to the collection? Heres a really cool piece by kendrick lamar, but its just a promo video so its a really short clip of the actual song. It sounds UNREAL, check it out...

    Click me!

    edit: Is there anyway to insert hyperlinks? Lol, couldnt seem to find it :(